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I believe that our dogs not only will be a faithful companion for many years and one of life's most wonderful gifts, they are also a responsibility. Based on my years of working experience managing a doggy daycare and in different industries. I know how important is to find a reliable company where you can trust your pet, your family member; a place where quality is more important than quantity, a place were you can have an upscale service without the upscale price.

I spent years managing a doggy daycare, making caring about dogs my passion. This amazing learning experience and countless hours working with big and small packs of dogs, feeding them, playing and helping them integrate and socialize, curing them when necessary, teaching them basic manners and obedience commands and just watching them learn and grow over the years inspired me to open Yappy Pups Playhouse back in the summer of 2011, giving the north shore area families, where I live for more than 18 years, the possibility to have a trustworthy and safe place where our pups can play or stay. Yappy Pups Playhouse is a blessing and a dream come true!!

Meet me and my fur babies!!

I am Kathy and this are my three fur babies!

Princess Madeline, the white bischon/poodle mix came to complete my beautiful family 13 years ago. The name Yappy is in her honor since she is the Yappiest girl you will ever meet! after her we adopted our adorable Black lab mutt named Leia and last but not least our amazing baby Beans, our 2 years old black pug! I can't imagine my life without them!

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