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Happy, Tired and Clean is how your dog will feel once he/she experience the daycare and shampooch service at Yappy Pups Playhouse!

After playing around with friends your dog will enjoy a nice soothing, relaxing bath that will let him howling how much he/she love you!

Yappy Pups Playhouse Daycare and shampooch service is the perfect solution for your daily busy schedule. After a long day at work, shopping day or a nice family weekend getaway, there is nothing more relaxing than knowing that your pup will be waiting for you Happy, Tired, Clean and ready for some quality cuddle time!

Shampooch Services

Small size dogs ( up to 25 lb)

Bath and blow dry only (short hair) $25

Bath and blow dry only ( long hair) $30

Medium size dog (up to 50 lb)

Bath and Blow dry only (short hair) $50

Bath and Blow dry only (long hair) $65

Add Nails, anal gland and ears for $25

Nails Only $12

Ears Only $ 8

Anal Glands $10

Teeth brush $12