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Yappy Pups Playhouse will be your best friend home away from home! 

After having a busy day with all the daycare friends your pup will enjoy the most personalized boarding service you can imagine! We provide 24/7 care for our pups sleeping over at The Playhouse.

Your fur baby can cuddle with us in our room or can enjoy her own 10 x 6 suite where we place some comfy beds and soft blankets for them to cuddle at night! Your baby will feel just like home!

Dinner is served at 6 pm and rooms are set for each guest with their special toys or favorite blankets! After dinner your pet will be spoiled with lots of one on one playtime and belly rubs!!

Yappy Pups Playhouse will follow your feeding instructions and will administrate any needed medicine at not extra cost.

Yappy Pups Playhouse is the most personalized boarding service you will find!

What to bring when boarding?

Food enough for your dog stay. Yappy Pups Playhouse knows how sensitive our dogs digestive system is, so we always recommend to bring your own food to avoid drastic changes that may cause stomach distress.

If your pup sleeps in a crate at night you will need to bring it for his/her stay.

Yappy Pups Playhouse have the most comfortable beds and blankets and varied toys but will welcome your pups favorites from home if you wish to bring them.


One dog $72 per night

Two dogs $138 per night

Week day Boarding transportation $10 on way - $15 round trip

Saturday  boarding transportation US$15 one way - US$20 round trip

*Emergency pick ups and drop offs during none business hours have a $30 fee

Monday thru Friday latest boarding check in or check out is 7 pm

Saturday and Sunday latest boarding check in or check out out is 5 pm

Extra hour window for pick ups on weekend if running late is $25 no later than 6 pm

If check out done after 12 pm the next day a daycare fee will apply

We do not overcharge for Weekends or Holidays!!

Special Treats for your Pup while boarding!

Destination 1 hour beach walk $40 

Destination 1 hour Hike in woods $40

Grain Free House Food Breakfast $8

Grain Free House Food Lunch $8

Grain Free House Food Dinner $8

Assorted Grain Free treats $5

Nail Trim $12

Teeth brush $15

Anal glands $15

Ears $8

One Yappy Guest Boarding Packages

10 nights Sleepover US$648

20 nights Sleepover US$1,296

Two Yappy Guest Boarding Packages

10 nights Sleepover US$1,242

20 nights Sleepover US$2,484

Boarding packages are good for a whole year. Packages are non refundable,  and can be used as your convenience. Boarding payment is due at drop off.
Daycare charge may apply if check out done after 12 pm . Call for details!

A $35 cancellation fee per dog, per night will apply for boarding cancellations done with less than 24 hours prior scheduled arrival. Holiday booking cancellations made with less than 24 hours customer must pay for each reserved night. 

Gift Certificates available!

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